Massage and Acupuncture Guide to Treating Metatarsalgia and Mortons Neuroma

At times when pain in your feet stops you from being mobile, there seems to be nothing to do, but to lie down. Apparently endless doctor’s appointments, work absences, inactivity, and even weight gain can all be side effects of persistent foot pain. Nonetheless, there are some viable options. Acupuncture, special massage therapies, orthotics for high heels, and specialized foot compounds can aid your feet be refreshed and pain-free.

Your feet will have not only less pain in the foot ligaments such as ball of foot pain, but the swelling will subside so that sensitive areas can heal and be calmed. Foot muscles can also be a source for extreme pain in the feet and toes.. All three of these pain-relieving, all natural solutions will have you free from foot discomfort almost instantly.

Whether You Have Metatarsalgia or Need Morton’s Neuroma, Eastern Acupuncture Works Wonders on the Feet

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting hair-thin needles into “chi”, areas in the body to return the energy and blood flow that has been interrupted by injury. This can easily happen on our feet with athletic activities, wearing high heels, and with certain foot conditions such as metatarsalgia and Morton Neuroma. Therapy for Morton Neuroma can begin with various acupuncture methods and massages to relieve aggravated foot tissues and help to start the healing process.

Acupuncture specialists practice a valuable art in that they are generally able to successfully eliminate chronic foot pain in their patients. In a late 90’s study reported in the journal “Acupuncture in Medicine”, specialists have found that electrical stimulation of the needles increased blood flow to the problem areas and facilitated healing.

Whether It’s Metatarsalgia or Morton’s Neuroma that’s Keeping You from Life, these Massages Ease Aching Feet

Blood flow can be key when trying to cure ailments that affect the feet. Massage therapies can help with ball of foot pain and aid in Morton’s Neuroma. These therapies are becoming very popular among doctors, sports medicine professionals, reflexologists, and physical therapists. By gently rubbing the bottom of the feet with the thumbs in an upward, sweeping motion, blood flow is temporarily restored to the feet.

Reported by the American Massage Therapy Association, two great therapies involve specifically using the thumbs. Several therapies seem to work best, including the thumb sweep and walk methods. With the first technique, the thumbs are positioned on the top of the feet and then move in a raking motion up and down. The second technique involves the thumbs being placed on the bottom of the feet and are walked upwards while pressing with steady pressure.

Nature’s Little Miracles Help Metatarsalgia

There’s no one smarter than Mother Nature when it comes to foot cures. Some of the elite foot care substances available have natural oils in the ingredients to provide relief, refresh, and improve blood flow. One such essential oil is menthol. Drawn out from the leaves of the mint plant, once administered to the skin, menthol provides a cooling relief.

Two other substances used in foot products are camphor and eucalyptus. These natural oils have similar advantages to menthol because they give a feeling of cooling to the feet while raising blood flow. Aloe also helps hydrate and cleanses feet while providing lubrication during massage therapy. For those who would benefit from a warm water foot soak, Epsom salts help draw toxins out of the feet while decreasing swelling.

One of the best ways to decrease foot pain caused by wearing high heeled shoes are high heel insoles. These devices support your arches and metatarsals, thus diminishing the pressure on our metatarsals.

Whether you have ball of foot pain, are already using orthotics for high heels, or need Morton Neuroma; get relief today by getting acupuncture treatment, seeing a massage therapist, and using products with essential oils. Get better and get back on your feet today by trying out these three fabulous techniques.

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